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Attendees of a previous edition of the Canadian Autism Leadership Summit

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In 2023, over 900 Associate, Community and Organization Members of Autism Alliance of Canada are speaking with a strong collective voice as part of a national shared leadership movement.

We work together to guide a National Autism Strategy that addresses critical gaps in funding and policies currently preventing Autistic people and their families from exercising their full rights as Canadians.

Our current members

Over 650 people across Canada are registered as individual Community or Associate members of Autism Alliance of Canada.

We broaden our reach and impact through more than 100 Organization members who serve over 630,000 Autistic people across Canada.

Any person or organization from across Canada that is committed to the development of a National Autism Strategy is welcome to become a member of Autism Alliance of Canda. We do not represent, promote or censure the views of any of our members.

In becoming a member, they agree to work together to achieve the common goal of advancing Canada’s National Autism Strategy. Clicking on the button below will take you to our membership registration web page.

  • 25 % are Autistic
  • 28 % are family members

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As a member of Autism Alliance of Canada, you will contribute to enhancing our impact through a strong, unified, collaborative voice.