Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2023-2028

We are incredibly proud of the work we have accomplished together to advocate for a National Autism Strategy.

Over the past four years, Autism Alliance of Canada has engaged in meaningful work within the disability sector in general, and the autism sector more specifically, at the national, provincial/territorial, and local levels. We have also made it a priority to connect with and collaborate with Indigenous partners. Our processes support strong collaborations, partnerships and member engagement to promote successful social and economic inclusion for Autistic people in Canada and their loved ones.

We remain committed to addressing priority issues that Autistic persons and their loved ones face across the lifespan. Our work together is generated by a shared leadership model, where all our members are leaders in the autism and disability communities. From across the country, we convene, catalyze, and collaborate to achieve our collective vision: Autistic people and their families exercising their full rights and realizing their full potential.

Together, we are making change happen; but there is more to do. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you as we press forward, bringing together the community voice, evidence, and policy to affect real-world change in areas that matter.