Our Work

Autism Alliance of Canada board members and staff being photographed with Canadian politicians.

Policy Initiatives

Autism Alliance of Canada brings people together to shape policies that improve the lives of Autistic persons. We encourage teamwork between communities and the government to address various barriers faced by Autistic people in Canada. Our main goal is to collaborate in shaping a National Autism Strategy. This strategy will deal with important issues like funding and access to services that currently limit Autistic people from fully enjoying their rights.

Research collaborators Drs. Jonathan Lai, Mackenzie Salt, and Stephanie Ehret from Trent University meet on Zoom

Research and Data Initiatives

Autism Alliance of Canada conducts and collaborates on autism systems and policy research in key areas chosen by Autistic persons and those who support them. Our goal is to create evidence that helps shape, put into action, and assess Canada’s National Autism Strategy.

Past cohort of KBHN-Autism Alliance of Canada Policy Development Practicum Fellows

Training and Fellowships

Autism Alliance of Canada offers fellowships and training for undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. We are dedicated to preparing future researchers who strongly support Autistic rights. We value inclusiveness and aim to empower researchers who are themselves Autistic or neurodivergent.

Rebekah Kintzinger speaking at CALS to a room full of participants

Community and Member Initiatives

Autism Alliance of Canada champions the knowledge of its members to shape the creation and execution of autism policy. We bring together people from across Canada to collaborate on addressing real world barriers that Autistic people encounter.

RWA tabeling at an event

Employment Initiatives

Autism Alliance of Canada works to ensure that Autistic persons are fully included in the economy and society of Canada. Our focus on employment aims to address the vital need for increased meaningful participation in the workforce for Autistic job seekers and employees across the country.

Partner with us

Join Autism Alliance of Canada, a not-for-profit coalition of passionate individuals that includes Autistic people, support persons, clinicians, service providers, researchers and leaders from organizations across Canada. With unity as our strength, we are on a journey to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by Autistic people in Canada, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity.

The Alliance is a place where things get done, where contrary opinions are welcomed. We come together to speak with a shared voice. We join a shared leadership movement. Our single goal is to have a better Canada for Autistic people in Canada, and we do that through having a strong, powerful and robust National Autism Strategy.

Headshot of Margaret Whelan

Margaret Whelan
Founding member of Autism Alliance of Canada