Photo du 10e Sommet canadien du leadership en autisme : les participants et les participantes écoutent le discours d'ouverture du premier jour.

10th Summit Brings Together Canada’s Leading Autism Advocates and Experts, United in Their Call for a National Autism Strategy

Autism Alliance of Canada hosted the 10th Annual Canadian Autism Leadership Summit (CALS2024), a three-day event that welcomed Autistic persons, family members, researchers, politicians, service providers and policy makers from across the country. CALS2024 focused on informing policies that addresses the diverse needs of Autistic people and their families, implementing policies, programs, services and supports with the potential to strengthen the impact of the National Autism Strategy and innovating through the valuable processes, promising and emerging practices, ideas, and research that can advance our collective work.

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New and notable

Fostering Inclusion: Exploring the needs of Autistic Adults in Canada An Autistic-led survey Report now available

Fostering Inclusion: Exploring the Needs of Autistic Adults in Canada – An Autistic-led Survey

Most autism research focuses on children, leaving big gaps in understanding Autistic adults. We need to know more about their lives, how they experience quality of life, independence, daily activities, and feelings of loneliness, mood, and mental health. Findings from this survey will be used to inform a National Autism Strategy and bring value to policymakers, community leaders, researchers, and advocates.

A Gift to Establish the National Centre for Autism Collaboration (NCAC)

On April 17, 2024, the Joyce Family Foundation, The Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation, McMaster University, and the Sinneave Family Foundation announced a gift towards the creation of the National Centre for Autism Collaboration (NCAC) to elevate and accelerate the impact of evidence on the care and lives of Autistic people and their families across Canada.

CALS2023 participants gathered in a Hall

A Better Way Forward

Since the Government of Canada announced its commitment to creating a National Autism Strategy, Autism Alliance of Canada has engaged in meaningful work in the autism and disability sectors, at the national, provincial/territorial and local levels. Our process supports robust collaboration, partnerships and member engagement to promote inclusion for Autistic people in Canada and their loved ones.

Who we are

Autism Alliance of Canada is a pan-Canadian network with a broad and diverse membership of Autistic people and their families and support persons, as well as clinicians, researchers, policy influencers, service providers and organizations from across Canada. 

We work together as a shared leadership movement to champion a National Autism Strategy that ensures Autistic people have equal rights and opportunities for full participation and acceptance in Canadian society. We harness the power of collective impact as an inclusive organization whose members, board of directors and staff reflect our commitment to Autistic participation in all aspects of our work.

Becoming a member of Autism Alliance of Canada is critical in the work that the Alliance is doing. This is an opportunity for all agencies, self-advocates, families to come together as a collective. It is an opportunity to put our differences aside and come together as one voice in order to make the changes that are necessary.

Headshot of Cindy Gerlach

Cyndi Gerlach
Member, Autism Alliance of Canada

Join us

As a member of Autism Alliance of Canada, you will contribute to enhancing our impact through a strong, unified, collaborative voice.