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Picture of Ben Lachapelle at CALS2023


This upcoming Summit, we are delighted to host the CALS2024 Community Showcase: A Networking Session with Posters and Visual Displays. The purpose of the Community Showcase is to share information, spark conversations and create opportunities for collaboration with other attendees. 

All displays will be set up for the entire Summit. Dedicated times for Summit attendees to visit the Community Showcase are:

  • April 17th from 5:00pm-6:00pm (quiet viewing)
  • April 18th from 5:00pm-6:30pm (networking session)

Types of Submissions

  1. Lived Experience Display

    If you are a person with lived experience and would like to share your story related to the CALS2024 themes.

  2. Academic Poster

    If you are a researcher, student, or trainee and would like to showcase findings of your research related to the CALS2024 themes.

  3. Organizational Display

    If you are an organization and would like to showcase one or more of your initiatives related to the CALS2024 themes.


Stay tuned as we continue to update this page with more information about the presenters of the CALS2024 Community Showcase. Please note that this page will be updated continuously up to CALS2024.

Lived Experience Displays

  • Three abstract figures jumping

    Sarah Weisflock

    "Bound but Not Broken"

  • Three abstract figures jumping

    Tracy White


  • Headshot of Margaux Wosk

    Margaux Wosk

    "Retrophiliac by Margaux Wosk"

    Online Presenter


    Margaux Wosk, an Autistic self-taught designer, artist, entrepreneur, advocate, and activist, holds the position of Lower Mainland West Regional Director for BC People First. They also serve as a peer coach for emerging entrepreneurs. Operating under the artist pseudonym “Retrophiliac,” Margaux enjoys a substantial online following exceeding 74,000 across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Academic Posters

  • Headshot of Amantayev Nariman

    Nariman Amantayev

    "Partner adaptation in neurotypical and autistic adolescents: Relationships with executive functions"


    I am a Ph.D. candidate at McGill University, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. My research interests focus on hot and cold Executive Functions, which help us manage information and achieve our goals in daily life, and their relationships with conversational skills in autistic and neurotypical adolescents. Apart from this, I am also interested in how different domains of EFs affect the quality of life of both autistic and neurotypical populations.

  • Headshot of Maddy Dever

    Maddy Dever

    "Supporting Housing Transitions with Community Connectors"

    Maddy Dever (they/them) is a non-binary, wheelchair user with a spinal cord injury and an Autistic adult and parent of four children who are all also Autistic, living in rural Eastern Ontario in Canada. Maddy advocates with both provincial and federal governments for inclusion and acceptance of Autistic individuals and for Autistic people and all people with disabilities to have their own voice in policy decisions.

    Maddy is a writer, speaker, podcaster and former member of the Ontario Autism Program Advisory Panel, and the Ontario Autism Program Implementation Working Group. Maddy is the President and founder of Autistic Bridge Inc, and is the co-Vice Chair of Autism Alliance of Canada (formerly known as CASDA), is on the Expert Hub Team for ECHO Ontario Autism and Family ECHO US, is an Autistic advocate and executive team member of Autism Care Network in the US, and is he Director of Policy for the Ontario Disability Coalition.

    Maddy writes and shares their speaking engagements at

  • Three abstract figures jumping

    Julien Bonin

    "The accessibility of Autism services for children in Northern Ontario: The role of spatial factors and children’s travel behaviours"

  • Headshot of Grant Bruno

    Grant Bruno

    "Autism in First Nations Communities: Qualitatively Exploring Caregiver"


    Grant Bruno Nehiyaw (Plains Cree) from and a registered member of Samson Cree Nation. He is a PhD candidate in Medical Sciences in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta, and a father to autistic children. His PhD research explores the experiences of autism in First Nations communities.

  • Erin Christian

    "Transformation of Preschool Autism Services in Nova Scotia"

    Implementation of promising practices and programs, IWK Health

    IWK Health is dedicated to providing quality care to women, children, youth, and families in the Maritime provinces and beyond. Services are delivered through our Children’s Health program, Mental Health and Addictions program, and Women’s and Newborn Health. Across all three our approach is rooted in a collaborative model that integrates talented people with new technologies, research, training, and clinical excellence. We’re proud to provide the most complex levels of care in our region; we’re a strong advocate for the health of families; and we’re a global leader in research and knowledge sharing.

  • Headshot of MissNatasha

    MissNatasha Copeland

    "You can only be you that’s all you can do!"


    MissNatasha here! Mental Wellness Coach and Disability Advocate.

    The mission to confidently promote creative healing, through Speaking engagements; Books, Mental Wellness workshops and 1 on 1 sessions.

    Mother of two and Auntie to many. Happen to be authentically autistic among other wonderful things. Author of ‘Autistically Yours, One Neurodivergent Black Caribbean Canadian Women’s tale of triumph over Trauma.’ Encouraging Self Love; Resilience, and Authenticity!

  • Headshot of Stephanie Ehret

    Dr. Stephanie Ehret

    "Examining Criminal Justice with Autistic Adults in Canada"

    Dr. Stephanie Ehret is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Trent. She is a critical criminologist, and her research examines ways in which the criminal legal system upholds and perpetuates ableist, gendered, raced, and classed social inequalities, and she explores principles and extralegal options for doing justice.

  • Dr. Mackenzie Salt

    "Examining Criminal Justice with Autistic Adults in Canada"


    Mackenzie Salt (PhD) is an Autistic autism researcher and a postdoctoral fellow with Autism Alliance of Canada and McMaster University Autism Research Team (MacART). He is also a CIHR Health System Impact Fellowship Program alumnus.

  • Dr. Stephen J. Gentles

    "The 2023 Pandemic Canadian Autism Needs Assessment (PANCAN Autism) Survey"


    Stephen Gentles (MSc, PhD) is a Research Consultant with Autism Alliance of Canada and Autism Speaks Canada, with a background in health information and health research methods. Among other autism-focussed research and policy work, he has contributed to developing several large provincial and national autism surveys for various organizations.

  • Three abstract figures jumping

    Martine Habra

    "CST-Canada: Scaling up the WHO Caregiver Skills Training in Canada for underserved communities via research-community partnerships"

  • Headshot of Margaret Janse van Rensburg

    Margaret Janse van Rensburg

    "Advancing the Case for a Canadian National Autism Strategy through Practitioner Perspectives on Autistic Adult Mental Health"


    My name is Margaret and I am a fourth-year PhD candidate in Social Work at Carleton University. Most of my work is interested in supporting Autistic adult mental health, wellbeing, and inclusion. My current PhD project seeks to investigate Practitioners’ and Professionals’ barriers to and facilitators of providing Ottawa Autistic adults with mental health support with the Ottawa Adult Autism Initiative; and I work as a Researcher with the AIDAN Lab, as a Community Outreach Liaison for the Neuroinclusivity in Housing project. In the Past, I worked as a Research Assistant for the Bridging the Silos project and in the Oral Histories of Disability Rights Movement project.

  • Anna Katalifos

    "Alignment of Canada’s COVID-19 policy response with barriers and facilitators for coping reported by caregivers of youth with developmental disabilities"


    Anna Katalifos is a research assistant for the Transforming Autism Care Consortium, a Quebec-based research network. She holds a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in neuroscience from McGill University. Her research interests include understanding experiences of autistic individuals and intersections with policy. Anna’s younger brother is autistic.

  • Headshot of Susann Lagore

    Susann Lagore

    "All Aboard: Teaching our Children on the Autism Spectrum to use Conventional Public Transit"

    Susann Lagore is passionately interested in improving outcomes for individuals on the autism spectrum. She is the parent of a young adult diagnosed with autism and works at the Society for Autism Support and Services. Susann recently completed a PhD at the University of Calgary’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, where she used a design thinking approach to examine public transportation and the autism spectrum.

  • Illustrated headshot of Joy Lu with bright teal background

    Joy Lu

    "We Are In This Together"


    Joy, an award-winning neurodivergent designer and researcher, is a bilingual and multicultural Torontonian. With a background in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design, USA, and an MA from the Royal College of Art, UK, her work focuses on neurodivergent talents. She won the 2023 Helen Hamlyn Design Award for her inclusive design ‘We Are in This Together.’

  • Headshot of Shane L. Lynch

    Dr. Shane L. Lynch

    "Autistic perspectives of essential elements in skills coaching programs"

    Innovative ideas and research, Sinneave Family Foundation


    Dr. Shane Lynch is a Registered Psychologist and Director of Innovation at the Sinneave Family Foundation. He has been working those who are Autistic and Neurodivergent for over 25 years. His areas of interest include helping individuals become more self-determined as well as identifying and overcoming barriers to success.

  • Three abstract figures jumping

    Nancy Marshall

    "Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA): A Transformative Mixed Methods Analysis of Experiences and Perspectives"

  • Headshot of Alexandra Minuk

    Alexandra Minuk

    "Inclusive Education for Autistic Students: Implications for Canada's National Autism Strategy"

  • Headshot of Kelly Ng

    Kelly Ng

    "Inclusive Event and Program Planning: Creating Sensory Friendly Spaces"

    Kelly has a background in community health, mental health and health promotion. As the Outreach and Inclusion Manager at Autism Home Base, she is currently working towards building inclusion for autistic adults and their families within Durham Region and beyond.

  • Dr. Sonia Rahimi

    "A Neurodivergent Lens: Recommended Practices for Neuroinclusivity"

    Innovative ideas and research, Accessibility Institute at Carleton University

    Accessibility Institute is a key unit for accessibility leadership at Carleton University and is aligned with the university’s vision and the Strategic Integrated Plan.

    Sonia is a researcher and project manager working at the Accessibility Institute at Carleton University. She is interested in finding ways to encourage a barrier-free society for Canadians through applied research.

  • Headshot of Elyse Rosa

    Dr. Elyse Rosa

    "Creating a Learning Health System for Neurodevelopment" and "Evaluation of virtual care services offered to children in Ontario"


    Dr. Elyse Rosa is a Research Associate in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University. Dr. Rosa is currently the scientific and evaluation lead on several initiatives, with a focus on evaluating methods of healthcare delivery and service primarily for children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Organizational Displays

  • Lisa Cohen

    "The Katz Volunteering and Employment Mentorship Program: A Pilot for Success"

    Implementation of promising practices and programs, Surrey Place

    Surrey Place is a not-for-profit organization that serves people of all ages with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorder and visual impairments in the Toronto region and Northwestern Ontario. As a trusted leader in the developmental services sector, we provide integrated services and inclusive support in a safe and welcoming environment. Surrey Place helps people learn new skills, gain self-confidence and reach their full potential.

  • Avery Flynn

    "The Autism Project – Tapping into the Power of Neurodiversity in the Workplace"

    Implementation of promising practices and programs, Enactus Laurier

    Enactus operates globally across 1,000+ university campuses in 33 countries, with student teams creating sustainable social businesses and showcasing their impact in competitions.

    ​Enactus Laurier is dedicated to creating positive change in communities through its enterprises and transforming the lives of its team members.

  • Martine Habra

    "The Transforming Autism Care Consortium: A Québec network catalyzing research to improve the quality of life of Autistic people and their families"

    Innovative ideas and research, Transforming Autism Care Consortium

    We connect and mobilize Quebec’s strengths in autism research to improve quality of life for neurodivergent individuals and their families.

  • Thomas Henderson

    "Empowering research, innovation, and community: The Giant Steps Autism Centre's Living Lab"

    Innovative ideas and research, Giant Steps Autism Centre

    Giant Steps has stood at the forefront of autism and education for 40 years. Our intensive educational and therapeutic program, offered in both French and English to 113 students aged 4-21, is unique in Quebec, and has been replicated worldwide.

  • Ellie-Anna Minogianis

    "Training the next generation of leaders in the field of neurodevelopmental conditions"

    Innovative ideas and research, The Canadian Neurodevelopmental Research Training Platform (CanNRT)

    CanNRT empowers learners to become change agents in science and sectors where critical capacity is needed.

    Our collaborative training environment supports sustainable and equitable pathways for Canadian early career researchers through multidisciplinary cross-sector learning, mentorship, and connectivity.

  • Dr. Lauren Tristani

    "Strong Minds through Active Bodies: the creation and implementation of an e-learning module for recreation and fitness professionals"

    Implementation of promising practices and programs, Autism Ontario

    Autism Ontario is the province’s leading source of information and referral on autism, and one of the largest collective voices representing the autism community.

    Dr. Lauren Tristani is the Research and Evaluation Specialist at Autism Ontario. Autism Ontario is dedicated to supporting the autistic community through advocacy, programs, and resources.

If you are presenting at the Community Showcase and need more information, please reach out to Vicki Price at


The 10th Annual Canadian Autism Leadership Summit will take place April 17 – 19, 2024 at the Fairmont Château Laurier in Ottawa and via livestream. Reserve your spot today!