Equity Toolkit for the Workplace

The Equity Toolkit for the Workplace is a tool designed to give employers first-hand insight on equitable practices, and effective accommodation strategies for Autistic people. Typically, when making workplace accommodations, invisible disabilities such as autism are often overlooked or misunderstood. Using this toolkit, the narrator, Terri Robson, will walk readers through the themes with quotes taken directly from the journal, woven with her personal stories, challenges for readers to reflect upon, as well as recommendations and actions for readers to take on making their workplace more equitable.

This toolkit was informed by the Canadian Journal of Autism Equity (CJAE), an Autistic-led journal that publishes writings from Autistic people in Canada. This toolkit was developed for employers and is guided by themes elicited from CJAE. Themes were found with a thematic analysis conducted by two of the journals’ editors. The development of this toolkit was led by Autism Alliance of Canada and funded by Ready Willing and Able.