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7th Annual Canadian Autism Leadership Summit

  1. Canadian Autism Leadership Summit
CALS participant joining virtually from home at his desk

Impact Report

On October 6, 2021, Autism Alliance of Canada hosted the 7th Annual Canadian Autism Leadership Summit (CALS2021). Over 200 participants, presenters, panelists and moderators came together from across the country to learn about and weigh in on autism policy in Canada.

In our CALS2021 Impact Report, you will learn about who attended, what people thought of the content of the Summit, opinions on each session, and highlights from social media.


  1. Numbers Speak Louder than Words

  2. Visioning a National Autism Strategy

  3. The Need for an Autistic Led Equity Journal 

  4. Navigating Language Use in Autism: Respect, Rights and Cultural Values 

  5. Moving from Strategy to Policy: Community Engagement on a National Autism Strategy

Title page of Stakeholder Report

Building a Pan-Canadian Autism Data Collaborative: Numbers Speak Louder than Words.

On October 5th, 2021, Autism Alliance of Canada hosted the inaugural Autism Data Collaborative meeting bringing together over 75 stakeholders from across the country to discuss how to better leverage Canadian data assets to inform autism policy in Canada.

The Actioning an Autism Data Collaborative Stakeholder Report summarizes the ideas expressed by the diverse group of attendees, and provides you with opportunities for leadership, engagement and involvement in this initiative.

Visioning a National Autism Strategy

The CALS2021 keynote featured a presentation by Damon Kirsebom, 22-year-old Autistic person who advocates for non-speaking individuals, and Dr. Deepa Singal, Scientific Director of Autism Alliance of Canada. This presentation was moderated by Orly Fruchter, Manager of Neurodiverse Initiatives at the Azrieli Foundation.

In order for a National Autism Strategy to succeed, it must be underpinned by Autistic recommendations and experiences. Autistics are familiar with being consulted; however, often, their voices are not given the weight they deserve.

Headshot of Damon Kirsebom

Damon Kirsebom
CALS2021 Keynote Presenter