CALS2024 Artist Spotlight: Introducing Elsbeth Dodman

We are delighted to present to you Elsbeth Dodman, the artist whose work has been presented to Siyu (Suzanna) Chen, recipient of the 3rd Annual Jim and Ginette Munson Autism Leadership Award at our 10th Annual Canadian Autism Leadership Summit (CALS2024)!

Elbseth Dodman is an autistic artist living in London Ontario with her family and two cats. She has an Honours BA in Fine Art History and Anthropology (U of Toronto) and a post grad certificate in Autism Behavioral Sciences (Fanshawe). Elsbeth has been giving autism talks and presentations since she was 18 and has worked with the Ontario Child Advocate’s office, AIDE Canada, and on the Autism Mental Health Literacy Guide through York University. Elsbeth enjoys drawing, painting, reading comics and spending time with her cats.

“Communication is a tricky thing to navigate; even though we use the same 26 letters, we can still lose one another. It’s simply not good enough to know the words, you have to know when to say something, and how to say something, and who to say it to. I made this piece in only alphabet stamps, and each letter is a need, a hope for connection.”

Elsbeth Dodman
Artist whose Artwork was chosen for the Third Annual Jim & Ginette Munson Autism Leadership Award

View the full recording of the Award Ceremony in our Playlist for the 10th Annual Canadian Autism Leadership Summit below.