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Leveraging Administrative Data in Manitoba to Inform Autism Policy

  1. Autism Data Collaborative


The province of Manitoba has excellent administrative data that is used for population health research to inform policy and practice. Autism Alliance of Canada has capacity to use these data to conduct research regarding the mental health of Autistic people in Manitoba. We are also currently undergoing the process of linking clinical data from the provincially centralized autism clinic to the Population Health Data Repository. This will allow for more detailed clinical research in this area. 

Project Description

Dr. Deepa Singal, Autism Alliance of Canada‚Äôs Scientific Director, Dr. Margherita Cameranesi, and a team at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy will undergo a process to use administrative health data to answer important research questions for Autistic people living in Manitoba. This includes the development of a thorough research and analysis plan, the development of specific research questions, particularly in the area of mental health, and the process of defining the cohort. 

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