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Canadian Autistic Adult Needs Assessment

On March 28th, 2023, the Government of Canada passed Bill S-203, which legislates the development of a national autism strategy to help and support all Autistics and their caregivers. At the same time, a government commissioned report reported significant gaps in information about Autistic adults.

To fill some of these gaps, Autism Alliance of Canada, partnering with McMaster University, is conducting a survey of Autistic Adults (age 30 years and older) across Canada. This survey is being funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and will be used to inform a National Autism Strategy. 

This is a survey by Autistics for Autistics. The survey is being led by our postdoctoral Health System Impact Fellow, Dr. Mackenzie Salt. He is an Autistic self-advocate and autism researcher. He worked with and consulted with 10 other Autistic adults of various ages and abilities, in developing the survey. This is also a chance for Autistic adults to inform policy being made to support them and have their experiences and perspectives heard by the federal government.

Once this survey has been closed and the data analysed, there will be a second phase of the project funded by the Sinneave Family Foundation. This will involve focus groups with Autistic adults to prioritize themes and respond to the survey data.

This project couldn’t come at a better time. There’s very little information out there on Autistic adults and what they go through. This is an opportunity to try and fill some of those gaps, inform policymakers, and let the Autistic community have a say in policy that will be affecting them.

Dr. Mackenzie Salt
Autistic self-advocate, lead project investigator, CIHR Health System Impact Fellow

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