Policy Initiatives

Autism Alliance of Canada brings together those with lived experience, thought leaders and decision-makers to inform common policy goals, primarily through the development and implementation of a National Autism Strategy. We guide autism policy in Canada by bringing research and community perspectives together.

Our work will result in a more inclusive Canada through the development of an autism policy that captures the diverse perspectives of Autistic people in Canada and their loved ones.

Working together to advance a national autism strategy and the role the government, CAHS and Autism Alliance of Canada play

Guiding a National Autism Strategy

Autism Alliance of Canada helped drive momentum towards Canada's National Autism Strategy from the very beginning. Our track record has established us as a reliable organization that brings together governments, the research community, and the broader disability community to develop a more responsive approach to autism policy in Canada.

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Title graphic for the Policy Compendium

Policy Compendium

The Policy Compendium is a collection of policy briefs developed by Autism Alliance of Canada-Kids Brain Health Network Policy Development Working Groups to support the federal government in taking steps towards the development of a National Autism Strategy.

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Participants and speakers at Autism Alliance of Canada's COSP16 event in New York.

International Autism Policy Initiative

There is a global movement for countries to develop National Autism Strategies that support the needs of Autistic people and remove barriers to their full participation in society. The International Autism Policy Initiative will bring together Autistic people and experts from around the world that have already developed strategies in their own countries to build bridges, develop relationships, and learn from each other.

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