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In Canada, about 500,000 working-age adults are Autistic or have an intellectual disability. We firmly believe that this untapped workforce can help address labour shortages while making businesses stronger, more diverse and more productive.  

Our employment initiatives are driven by the crucial need to increase meaningful participation in the labour force by autistic job seekers. Through our national employment initiative, Ready, Willing & Able, created in partnership with Inclusion Canada, we have empowered thousands of job seekers who previously were unable to enter or remain in the competitive labour force, while providing employers with a source of talent that was previously overlooked.

By ensuring equity in representation and acknowledging intersectionality, Autism Alliance of Canada aims to promote full and meaningful economic inclusion of Autistic people in Canadian society.

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Inclusive Workplaces Discussion Tool

In 2022, Autism Alliance of Canada developed the Inclusive Workplaces Discussion Tool to support discussions between employers and Autistic employees on feasible changes that can be made in the workplace environment to promote inclusion, acceptance, functioning and workplace potential of the employee.

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The Autistic Voices Project

The Autistic Voices Project (AVP) is a series of innovative lived experience testimonial videos, highlighting employment-related lived experiences of Autistic employees and job seekers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Inclusive Workplace

The Inclusive Workplace is an online resource for persons on the autism spectrum or with an intellectual disability. This resource helps companies hire workers and build an inclusive workplace, and helps employment agencies support job seekers and employees.

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Ready, Willing & Able

Ready, Willing & Able is a national employment program for Autistic people and persons with an intellectual disability which aims to empower job seekers and to support businesses in advancing their corporate diversity and inclusion strategies.

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