Community and Member Initiatives

Autism Alliance of Canada leverages the collective knowledge of its community and members to inform policy development, evaluation and implementation. We convene by bringing together diverse perspectives to form pan-Canadian learning communities in order to develop, spread and scale pragmatic solutions.

In our communities of practice, we encourage diversity of thought and ongoing dialogue among our members with the goal to foster meaningful social inclusion of Autistic people in Canada. We create resources to help our members stay informed about the development and progress of autism policy in Canada. We develop advocacy materials to empower our members to engage with decision-makers for the rights of Autistic people and their families.

As a backbone organization, we enable national coordination across sectors in policy, research and systems to achieve with our members what no single organization can achieve on their own. 

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Canadian Journal of Autism Equity (CJAE)

The Canadian Journal of Autism Equity (CJAE) is a Autistic-led, open-source e-journal focused on critically engaging with a variety of equity discussions within the autism and Autistic communities and public policy.

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