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In July 2022, Autism Alliance of Canada, The Sinneave Family Foundation, Kids Brain Health Network, and Autism Speaks Canada partnered to launch the 2022-2024 Autism Alliance of Canada Data-to-Policy Fellowship competition.

The fellowship is an opportunity for highly skilled research trainees from a variety of backgrounds who have an interest in neurodevelopmental disabilities. The award provides a stipend for $40,000 over the course of 18 months and is intended to provide additional funding for trainees who are based at a Canadian university.

Fellows will have an opportunity to play an integral role in supporting the generation and sharing of data and evidence in the autism and broader neurodevelopmental disability sector. Fellows will lead data initiatives that have emerged from the Autism Data Collaborative that can help inform Canada’s National Autism Strategy.

Previous Fellows

In October 2022, five fellows were chosen to assist in executing national projects aligned with the priorities of the Autism Data Collaborative working groups.

Developing Shared Measurement Across Community Organizations: Data Across Indigenous Communities

Headshot of Grant Bruno

Grant Bruno
Data-to-Policy Fellow

Developing Shared Measurement Across Community Organizations: Sharing Space, Stories & Insight

Headshot of Alisha Stubbs

Alisha Stubbs
Data-to-Policy Fellow

National Child Autism Waitlist Initiative

Headshot of Angela MacDonald-Prégent

Angela MacDonald-Prégent
Data-to-Policy Fellow

National Autism Lived Experience Advisory Group

Headshot of Amber Rieder

Amber Rieder
Data-to-Policy Fellow

Leveraging Administrative Data in Manitoba to Inform Autism Policy

Headshot of Margherita Cameranesi

Margherita Cameranesi
Data-to-Policy Fellow

Applications for our previous fellowships have been successfully closed. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who applied. Keep an eye out for the upcoming round of Fellowship applications – exciting opportunities are on the horizon!

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