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Research and Data Initiatives

Autism Alliance of Canada conducts and supports autism health services and policy research in priority areas identified by Autistic people and those who support them. Our research and data initiatives will generate evidence that can shape inclusive policies that address the diverse needs of Autistic persons and their loved ones.

These initiatives fall under five pillars:

  1. Patient and Public Participatory Research
  2. Pan-Canadian Research Partnerships
  3. Knowledge Synthesis
  4. Data and Shared Measurement
  5. Training Capacity

Within each pillar, we strive to center the experiences of Autistic people and their loved ones, with community-identified priorities guiding us. We work towards the production of high-quality evidence and data that can inform system-level policy change and guide the development and implementation of the National Autism Strategy. We do this by:

• Partnering with Autistic people and their families, researchers, clinicians, and service providers, to develop research projects guided by community priorities.
• Advancing pan-Canadian collaborations.
• Leading and supporting multi-regional grants and national studies.
• Connecting policymakers and researchers to conduct research that can inform system change.
• Building training capacity for neurodiverse research trainees to be equipped to lead autism research.
• Generating community-based data.

Promotional graphic for Examining Criminal Justice with Autistic Adults in Canada Study

Examining Criminal Justice with Autistic Adults in Canada

Autism Alliance of Canada has partnered with Trent University on the Examining Criminal Justice with Autistic Adults in Canada project to achieve a better understanding and appreciation of how the criminal justice system is experienced and perceived by Autistic adults in Canada. 

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Pediatric Autism Research Cohort

Pediatric Autism Research Cohort (PARC) Study

Autism Alliance of Canada is partnering with the McMaster Autism Research Team on the Pediatric Autism Research Cohort (PARC) study. The PARC study aims to understand how children on the autism spectrum grow and develop. The insights gained from this study can help advocate for supports that can help Autistic children reach their full potential.

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